How To Start A SAAS Online Business in Hours

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In under 24 hours, by following up with me, you will be able to start a SAAS online business that can potentially earn you thousands of dollars per month!

This article, split into 5 parts, will tell you everything you need to know to start your own SAAS online business:

  1. What is SAAS?
  2. How to get a SAAS?
  3. My SAAS Services
  4. My Earnings and Setting Up
  5. Tips

Part 1 – What is a SAAS service?

SAAS service or Software As A Service is simply an online software or an online service that you pay for to use.

For example,, which is a SAAS service, provides email marketing services that you pay for.

Another example is SEMrush, online software that offers SEO tools. Like Mailchimp, SEMrush is an online service that people pay for, so it's called a SAAS service.

A SAAS service is anything you pay for to get an online service.

Now you will be the owner of a SAAS service, you will have your own company, and people will subscribe to your service and pay you monthly recurring payments.

Let's say you have 100 customers using your SAAS service, and let's say your service costs around 10$ a month; that means you would get $1000/month!

All you need to do is sit back at home and watch your passive earnings accumulate on your screen. It is such a great and simple way to make money.

Part 2 – How to get a SAAS service?

SAAS Service

Now you may be wondering, “how can I get my own SAAS service or software?” The good news is you don't need to develop one or learn to program, or even hire a programmer.

You can simply buy a SAAS software for as little as $40-$50.

So you are building an online business for only 50$! It is that simple.

You can purchase software from a website called codecanyon, this is what I did for two of my services and it is going great so far.

So what is codecanyon? Just go to and you can find any software for about $50 or even $30.

In the PHP scripts section, search for SAAS, and you will find a lot of systems ready to use.

There are different price ranges, but you can easily find cheap SAAS services that you simply need to buy, deploy on your server, and then own the business.

code canyon scripts

There are many different kinds of SAAS software for sale. Some examples include discount networks, accounting and billing tools, email marketing systems, and even employee management tools.

scripts for SAAS online business

Take your time browsing the services and choose the one you like best, the one that fits you and you feel that you can be successful with.

Part 3 – My SAAS Services

Now I will proceed to show you some of my own services and my own earnings to motivate you and so that you can learn how to do it yourself.

I will tell you what I bought from codecanyon and what services I am running and show you an example of my earnings.

If you check out, you'll find the first SAAS service that I bought. I am hosting it and offering this service for free for anyone to subscribe and test it.

SAAS online business

So what is H-socialproof?

Visit codecanyon again and search for social proof. There you'll find the software I purchased.

SAAS online business

It is a script that helps in digital marketing to increase your growth, get more clients, and increase your social proof online.

You are probably wondering how I could benefit from my SAAS service if it's free? The answer is straightforward. This service is offered for free to get more leads and get more customers to promote my paid services.

The second service is called, a short link service that offers a free starter plan.

Having a free starter plan is important to have alongside premium plans because they can boost your subscriber account and increase sales.

Now search “URL premium shortener” on codecanyon, and you'll find the software I purchased.

SAAS online business script

I bought this service for around $33, which is a good price, and I'm offering it to anyone. There's a free starter plan (to attract more customers), a $7/month Silver Plan, and a $9/month Gold Plan.

SAAS online business pricing plan

Again, the idea is straightforward. It's offered for free to get more leads, more people, and build my audience to then promote any paid service.

So you just go and search for a service that you want. If you have an idea that you want to develop and sell online, you can hire a developer. You can even program it by yourself like I do if you're a programmer.

So these are the services I bought from codecanyon and now own. I also developed a service myself called H-supertools. It is a great service that offers plenty of digital tools.

It's available for free and offers services like YouTube keyword tools, SEO tools, email tools, links tools, and so on. It's all free, so I hope you will enjoy trying out the software.

Now let's take a look at how I earn money from this service.

Part 4 – My Earnings and Setting Up

If I log in to my, in my earnings section, you can see that I made $4765 in January.

SAAS online business

I made these earnings just by sitting back at home. This strategy works; you just need to think big and plan for a successful online business.

Hosting Your Service

Once you have your SAAS service, the next step is to host this service and make it publicly available. So you need a domain name and a server to host it online.

You might be worried that you don't have any technical background and can't perform all the necessary tasks.

Still, not to worry, you can visit my YouTube channel and check out my video in which I explain how to host any PHP script, any service online, and you can test everything for free.

This way, you can learn how to get your own service, your own business online hosted and publicly accessible by everyone.

Getting Paid

So you get the SAAS service and host it online. The next step is getting customers. But before getting customers, we need to discuss how to get paid. How will people pay for your service?

Luckily, this is also implemented automatically inside these applications! If you go to the URL Premium Shortener on codecanyon, for example, you can see that it is Stripe and PayPal ready.

URL SAAS online business

So if you have or create a PayPal account or a Stripe account, you can simply integrate it automatically into these services and start getting paid!

Keep in mind, though, that if you want to get these services and get recurring payments, you have to pay around $200 for an extended license.

SAAS online business

You can easily handle this manually with PayPal or Payoneer initially (if it's available in your country). When you get your first 100 customers, you can afford to purchase an extended license, start earning recurring payments, and fully automate your business.

If you're interested in learning more about the power of a URL link shortener, click here.

By the way, you can subscribe to my URL link shortener to shorten your links and monitor them.

Part 5 – Tips

tips SAAS online business

So we've went over the main idea, purchase and set up your SAAS business.

Now we get to the harder part, marketing.

I will start with the most important tip. Read on as this may change your life and even change the way you think.

I believe that in any online business project or any business 70% of the project is marketing and 30% the creation of the project itself.

So getting the service, hosting it, and making everything available is 30% of the project.

Now the remaining 70%, marketing and getting your first customers, is the next step.

This will be a bit hard for you at first if you are a beginner, but don't worry, you can learn more about it if you check out my YouTube channel.

I explain there in my videos a lot about digital marketing. I have dedicated sections about email marketing, digital marketing, YouTube growth, Facebook marketing, building a YouTube channel, getting customers with YouTube, and so on.

Marketing in itself requires dedicated courses and videos, so you can refer to my videos to learn how to promote services online.

Some more important tips

First, always offer a free plan inside your service or a free trial like 7 days or 14 days.

Anyone can subscribe and test your service because, without a free trial, it will be harder for you to get your first customers. Whereas if you have a free trial and promote it, you will get many sign-ups.

After capturing the leads, you can use email marketing to market your premium plans, and so on. So remember to always offer a free plan for your customers.

Tips on ads

Another aspect that I want to shed light on is ads.

It is beneficial to set aside a small monthly budget for ads like Facebook ads or Google ads to promote your SAAS business.

For example, if you want, you can start at $50 or even just $30 a month to promote your service. But don't run any ad campaigns before you learn about marketing!

Take a course on Facebook marketing or watch my YouTube videos or anyone who is teaching anything about digital marketing, such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Why you need to learn about digital marketing

It is important to learn about digital marketing first so that you don't waste any money.

Around four years ago, I wasted on Facebook almost $10,000 for nothing. That was back when I started testing ads without learning about Facebook ads, but at some point, I stopped, and I started learning.

I read documents, read blog posts, and took around 50 courses on digital marketing to get all the knowledge I needed before using ads.

You shouldn't waste your time or money when you want to promote your services with ads; spending some time to learn about digital marketing will go a long way.


To sum up, simply find and buy a service of your choice, host the service, configure it, and make a free trial.

Then configure your payment, market your service, and sit back as you get your monthly recurring payments.

I hope you dedicate the time to digital marketing so that you can take advantage of this online business strategy. Make sure to share your thoughts down below in the comments.

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  1. Perfect article Hasan.

    We need some advice about (how we will choose the service)… I mean: we are a financial company; then what is the best application to offer to our clients (accounting software, HR Software, …)
    Just some tips it would be great.

    Thank you

  2. Dear Hasan
    You are wonderful person . The thing which you teach us, no one tell his business secret to others but you are the agent of the god that’s why you are helping others, may God bless you.

  3. Thank you for these complete steps.
    I know that I will struggle at marketing the service. but hey who said life is easy!!
    Thank you for this post Hassan!

  4. Thanks for the post. Actually I also acquired several scripts but I use it only myself. I have not yet opened it to the public and not charge for memberships.

    As you say, marketing is very important and the key to success, I think I am lacking that push and the responsibility to offer a good service.

      1. Hi Hassan,,’m a new subscriber ,I just got know about your channel on YouTube as a beginner you’ve really added values and give hope to many people to make a life.

  5. Hi Hasan
    Your stuff is great. I have gone through many of them. I am a new subscriber.
    Unlike others who teach this stuff, you are totally different, and to me you are
    the best.

  6. Thanks, Bro Hasan, for a well-compiled article. Contents are easy to grasp and put into action. It is worth the time spent reading the whole content.

  7. Very impressive resource. Just wanted to know is it possible to offers a subscription service with a Regular license from code canyon.
    Or need to upgrade

  8. Hey brother
    I didn’t understand your 1st method of getting paid which firstly don’t need an extended license
    Hope you’ll answer

  9. Very helpful. I run 5 websites. I never thought that SAAS business can simply be purchased and configured on a server and point the domain to it to go live.

    My two questions are since some of us are not developers, how can we fix any bug or specific customer requests? Must then employ developers to join our support team.

    Also, are the scripts regularly updated by those who developed them?

    1. Scripts are updated for bugs and you do not have to do any code changes. You can contact the support of the script for any issue.

  10. Good Day. I am seeing some Code Canyon PHP Scripts where the SASS version comes with a “Regular” License. There is also a “LITE” (or non-SAAS ) version as well. What would the SAAS version’s “Extended” License benefit? What would I gain versus the “Extended” License?? Code Canyon’s licensing explanations don’t help at all. SO CONFUSING!!! Thanks Hasan.