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Email Validation is a method of verifying if an email address is valid and deliverable or not. with the help of the Free Super Email Validator, now you can do this easily and 100% free.

Please read this guide carefully to learn how to use the Super Email validator and to get the best results. and if you need any clarifications, feel free to submit your questions at H-educate Forums

Why validate emails?

Email Marketing today is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to boost up your online presence and get more customers.

And Email Marketing simply is sending emails to get more visitors, awareness, and conversions. OK! what is email validation???

Simply, when you send an Email Marketing campaign, one of the main factors that determine if your emails will land in inbox or spam, is your sending reputation.

And one of the main factors that make up your reputation is Bounce Rate.

What is the Bounce Rate?

I mentioned in the Email Marketing guide, that the Bounce rate is a critical point to take care of when you want to run a successful email marketing campaign.

What is a Bounced Email?

Simply, when you send an email to someone, and it’s not delivered to any reason, it will bounce back. So it’s called a bounced email.

Why Emails Bounce?

The Main Reason for is when the target recipient’s email is not available or doesn’t exist.

Sometimes the target email is temporarily down, so you get a Soft Bounce, and if it doesn’t exist at all, it will be a Hard Bounce.

The main thing that you must know is that Bounce rate will have a significant effect on your email marketing system.

Because higher bounce rates may get you blacklisted and make your IP and Domain Reputation lower.

And this will cause your emails to be marked as spam.

If you want to learn more about email bouncing, you can check the following video:

So now we knew the importance of the Bounce rate and why we must send only to valid emails.

Here comes the role of Email Validation Services and Applications.

Super Email Validator helps in cleaning your email lists from any invalid emails.

How to Check the Validity of an Email Address?

To understand how an Email validator works and get the best results, you have to understand how the validation process works.

Simply when we want to validate an email address, we go into three main steps or levels:

1. Syntax check

Look at this: “heducate@gmail” is it an email??

obviously no, because the email must be formed like this:

So Super Email Validator checks email syntax and detects if it's correct or not.

Then we will move to the next level.

2. MX DNS Domain check.

The existence of a domain is the key to the relevance of the email address. Addresses with invalid domains are not allowed to the third stage of verification.

If the recipient’s address is syntactically correct and the domain exists, then it makes sense to check for a specific address in the domain.

So super email validator will query the domain of the email and check if it exists and if there is a mail server behind it by verifying the MX records in the DNS zone of the target domain.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: MX Level Validation doesn't validate the email.

⚠️ If It shows valid, then this means that the Mail Server Existsand not the Email It Self.

This is used for checking the domain MX records Only.

3. Mailbox Check.

This is the most important level, which will validate if the target email mailbox exists on the mail server.

How this is done?

We need to contact the target mail server and simulate the sending process to the target email, then if the response was OK, the email is valid.

Since this level requires a connection with the target mail server, and mail servers usually listen and use port 25 to accept the incoming connections, then you have no choice except to connect using port 25.

So the first requirement for this level of validation is to have port 25 opened all through the way to the target mail server.

So the first point to keep in mind when using an email validation software is that you need to have port 25 opened in your network and by your ISP.

How to know if Port 25 is opened?

You can simply open Super Email validator, and it will automatically detect if port 25 is opened or closed as you can see in the image below:

Super email validator port 25

What If port 25 is closed by the ISP?

To this point, we understood that validating the mailbox requires port 25, so what if port 25 is closed by your internet service provider? how to validate emails then?

Super Email Validator Online Engine

What makes Super Email Validator unique, is the builtin Online Engine that can validate your emails even if you have port 25 blocked. How?

Simply because the online engine will not use your connection or your ports to connect, it will use an online service that has port 25 opened and validate your emails.

Any limitations?

Like any service or software, the Online Engine is not always available, simply because it's online and free! so it will be a good target for spammers.

Here at H-educate, we try out best to give the best service, but in the same way, we don't want to help spammers and hackers! so when the application runs on your PC, if you see the Online Engine option greyed out (disabled) then you will not be able to use it. (we prefer to keep the reasons and factors private)

What if port 25 is blocked & the Online Engine is Disabled?

In this case, you have three options:

  1. You can still use the Super Email Validator to validate up to the MX level.
  2. Use the Free Online Validation service at
  3. You have large lists you wanna validate, contact us at our support email ( and we will validate your lists with the cheapest price you will ever see.

We want you to stay safe & happy ????

???? How to get the most out of Super Email Validator? (IMPORTANT)

In order to get the best results out of super email validator or even any Local email validation software. you need to run it on a Mail Server. in this way, the validation will occur from a Mail Server to Another.

And it will be more authentic and you will get better results. to learn and understand more, please follow up.

Why Email Validation Requires a Local Mail Server?

In order to get the best and most accurate results out of any email validation software, you must:

  1. NOT run behind a proxy.
  2. Have a Public IP address.
  3. DNS MX and PTR records are set for this IP address.
  4. SMTP is installed and configured on this host.

As I mentioned before, Email address validation typically works like this:

  1. Validate email address syntax.
  2. If the previous step succeeds, obtain MX records for the domain via DNS MX lookup query. MX records specify which SMTP servers (if any) accept email for the given domain. This lets us find out if the domain part is faked or not.
  3. Now we may want to make a connection to the SMTP MX server (which we determined at the previous step) to check if this server is alive. Well, if at least one of the servers associated with the given domain is alive.
  4. If the connection succeeded, we may want to use this connection to submit the email address in question to check if the SMTP MX server accepts the given recipient. If it does, we claim the email address valid.

This approach is very simplified because, in reality, some SMTP MX servers accept all email addresses belonging to their domains, even non-existent ones.

They do this to prevent spam bots from harvesting good addresses by brute force).

Some Mail Servers replies Invalid even if the email is valid!

However, there are many cases when most servers will reply with an error even if you submit perfectly valid addresses to them. The reason is that they by default think that you’re a spam bot and you need to convince them that you’re not. Let’s see what we can do about that.

Most spam nowadays is sent by infected home and office systems. Normally, non-spam email is sent via SMTP relay servers. It’s uncommon to send an email directly from a client to the end recipient’s MX server. So, whenever the target MX thinks your IP address does not correspond to a living SMTP server, you may get banned. What differs a host running a full-fledged SMTP server from a host which does not look that solid?

A good and trusted SMTP server host must have:

  • The IP address is not in any popular blacklists.
  • Assign a domain name to the host. (sub-domain is better)
  • The IP address of the host must have a PTR record which resolves to the domain name above.

Also, the SMTP server for our particular purpose (email address validation) must also meet this requirement:

  • SMTP service on port 25 must be running on this host, and this service must accept our sender’s email address (on behalf of which we make our test connections) as a valid recipient.

Too Many Technical terms!????

To make things easy for you, I created a Full Course where you will learn how to build your own Mail Server on Windows very easily in a step by step guide and in less than an hour.

Then you can simply run The Super email validator or any verification software you want, and get the best results.

This course is a premium course on Udemy which costs around 199$, But! I will give you a special discount where you can get the course now for only 16.99$ using the coupon below [JUST FOR LIMITED TIME]

[hurrytimer id=”604″]

Can't even afford 16.99$ ?!

You want to validate your emails totally for free? you can still use the Free Online Validation Service at

How to get Free Super Email Validator?

Super Email Validator is 100% Free and you can download here.

If you like to watch videos, here is the full tutorial on how to use Super email validator:

Is it possible to verify ALL emails with the Super Email Validator?

Although the Super Email Validator has a very good email validation success rate with most free email ISPs or ESP, it is simply not possible to guarantee a 100% accuracy level due to multiple factors beyond our control.

The level of accuracy you can obtain depends on the inbound SMTP connection policy of the remote ISP or ESP, the reputation of the incoming connecting IPs and many other factors that I mentioned above.

As a good practice, validate the lists twice and if you see a big and unusual number of bounces, this means that your IP may be blacklisted or blocked, so try switching to the online validation engine or build a mail server on a VPS as explained above.

How to use the Super Email Validator.

Firstly, you need to import your email list, you can import Both TXT or CSV Files, and the application will save the structure, so you need to worry about rebuilding your files.

After you import your Email List, Set your Options:

  • Check Online Engine ONLY If port 25 is blocked.
  • Set the Number of threads you want the application to use, you can select between 1 and 50. use an optimal value like 10-15 to avoid being blocked or blacklisted.
  • Set the From Domain and From Address if you are running the application on a Mail Server for the best results.

???? Notes:

  • The From Domain is your Mail Server Domain that you use to send emails.
  • The From Address is any address you created on your mail server.
  • The Threading technology is not available with Online Engine to Protect from Spammers.

Examining the Email Validation Results.

When you validate emails using super email validator, you will be able to view the results or save them by clicking on the buttons as shown below:

super email validator results

When you click on View Emails, You will get the results like Like this:

super email validator results

You will see than Super Email Validator has added three columns to your file:

Email-Domain: which shows the Domain of the Email you are verifying, This is important if you want to filter by domains.

Verification Result: The Validation Result of the Email.

Verification Message: This will give you more details to understand the results.

The Results that you will see will be one of the following:

  1. Valid: The Email is Valid.
  2. Invalid: The Email Is Invalid.
  3. Catch-all: “Catch-all”, is a domain-wide setting where all emails on this domain will be reported as a catch-all. There is no definitive way to determine whether this email is valid or not. If you want to validate these emails, you need to use an online validation service, like
  4. TryAgain: This Means that Super Email Validator can't validate the emails right now, so it skipped it to try later or use another service to validate.

Good Luck!

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          1. Hi Csv or the txt file dont work
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          2. Hi
            Im trying to upload a csv file but im getting the same as others im reading here (no emails found)
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        1. when you trying to upload the excel or txt file, just make sure the respective file should not be opened

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  2. This version 3 was working for me, but the new version is not working for me
    Can you downgrade to the old version

    1. Click on View Emails, and Filter whatever you want.
      or watch the tutorial on my youtube channel to learn how to filter easily in excel.

  3. Hello sir,
    I have 50k email and when I use this software to verify email, all the emails will run in the catch-all. Is it possible that none of the 50k emails have been verified?

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    1. Hi friend, I am really so sorry as I don’t provide such services.
      I work only in education and research for now.

  7. Hi, I’ve tried to validate my email list in csv format in I can’t import it in Super email validator v4.3. I get a warning NO emails were found. Please check your files. csv has been done in LibreOffice Calc and I have been using it in sendinblue with no problems. What do you suggest?

    Tkank you in advance.

      1. i have the same issue and i also sent my queries through emails but you did not provide me any solution regarding csv file uploading issue i think this is a bug in your software that does not support csv file.

  8. Hi. I must say you have done a great job and I can’t thank you enough. I have a question though, what does the ‘ERROR’ row mean in the email validator tool?

    1. Thank you!
      the error means “Error”!
      the application cant validate or something’s wrong happened.

  9. What is thread Count?
    How much no of thread counts should be there?
    MY port is activated but emails are verifying too slow.

      1. Hello Hassan. I certainly appreciate your time and all the work that you do. Quick question in follow up to Thread Count. You mention to use 10-15 to avoid getting blocked or blacklisted. What do you mean by blocked or blacklisted? Could this validator get me in trouble with my ISP if I use too high of a thread count? I have port 25 open and not using my own mail server for reference. Thanks again and I read all your blog posts.

  10. Do you recommend sending to emails that are showing as catch-all? I am contacting large reputable companies that should be valid but I just want to avoid any bad emails. These are not from a list, I look them up individually on linkedin. I also currently pay for a tool to find their emails but I see that you offer a tool as a gift so I do want to get your course just for the tool as all of your software is incredible!

    1. Send to catch-all emails only if you are sure that are valid, like if you collected with double optin forms.

  11. hi,
    how can I switch from port 25 status to online engine?
    which option is much better for best results?

  12. Hello sir,firstly i have to say you are doing a good job on your youtube channel,thanks for sharing your vast knowledge. Please sir i downloaded super email validator and ran it on my PC but i was slow so i bought a VPS (time4vps) it worked fast. But for some reason i dont think it accurate. Please i will realy appreciate your help. Thanks and stay safe.

    1. Thanks! I explained the accuracy and everything in the guide. if you have a specific scenario or problem, please share

  13. Hello Hassan
    I try to use this software, all the emails will run in the catch-all and most are yahoo. is there no other solution to this problem? check online here only limited to 200 emails. if I may ask, is there an accurate online website to verify the yahoo domain?

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        I have same problem that I’m trying to import csv file but it doesn’t take it saying No Emails Where Found! Please check your files,
        but my files are ok

  16. Hi Hassan,
    When is the update coming? This version doesn’t work for me. Its all returning as invalid, where as the web based version is giving me more realistic results.

    1. The web-based version is a premium validation tool like any other online service with 98% accuracy, while this tool works differently as I explained in this guide.

  17. Hello,
    All emails are always invalid
    i don t understand
    I don t use a hello domain and from adress
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    1. did you read the full guide friend?
      this may be because your IP is blacklisted. or the domains that you are trying to validate cant be validated with this app.
      use email validation

  18. The program worked well. Now I want to eliminate all the bad emails only and download or save the good emails….How do I do that PLEASE! Thank you very much for making this free for the global community.

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  23. What is the meaning of threads count and Helo domain?

    On my computer Online Engine is disabled, Port 25 status is green. When i validate with MX level unchecked.

    One email gave the result: The server responded: 550 Mail rejected by for policy reasons. We generally do not accept email from dynamic IP’s as they are typically used to deliver unauthenticated SMTP e-mail to an Internet mail server.

    Another gave: “The server rejected the specified sender email address. The server responded: 550 5.7.1 Service unavailable, Client host [] blocked using Spamhaus. To request removal from this list see (AS3130). [].

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      1. Yes I did. I set up the SMTP server but now I have a new problem:

        When I use my domain/email to validate the emails, the bounce rate is 90%. When I don’t use the domain/email, it says that the bounce rate is 10%. Any idea why this is happening?

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    1. The course you are enrolled in has nothing to do with the validator. the windows mail server course helps you run the validator more properly. that’s it

      1. Thanks for the reply sir Hasan. I will also enroll for Build Mail Server For Windows -Unlimited Business Emails. I need that Email Validator.

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  30. Hi, how accurate is the super email validator? I have acquired a database where the seller has advised that it is 98% verified but when i split this list and run portions through your software it shows a bounce rate of greater than 80% and only about 1% of the emails is valid? I have run around 4mil records through the software and only have around 10k valid emails thus far. The seller has advised that it’s because my VPS is new and that it is because of the port 25 setting that the validity rate is so low. Please advise.

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      1. I’ve posted the suggestion on the forum or in the link. Please check it and please update the feature and let me know if you have updated the feature

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    AT Reinaldo

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    This seems like an awesome tool. I just purchased a list of 50k and am validating the list with this tool.

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