Super Email Validator

The Best Free Bulk Email Validator On The Internet!

Super Email Verifier helps you to avoid sending campaigns to non-existent email addresses. So, if you have thousands of emails in your list, email verification tools will get the fastest way to improve email list deliverability.

What makes it Perfect, is that it’s 100% Free.

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Please Read the Super Email Validator Guide to get the best results.

Validate Email Lists in minutes!

Super Email Verfier is Free software that allows you to verify your email lists and clean your emails easily in one click.

Super Email verifier helps you to avoid sending campaigns to non-existent and invalid email addresses. and decrease your bounce rate.

So, if you have thousands of emails in your list, and you need to verify it. Super Email Verifier is the best solution for you!

Super Email Validator - free email validation software

Main Features of Super Email Verifier

✔️ 3 Validation Levels

The application will verify any email in 3 levels:

 Syntax Level

  Domain MX Level

 Mailbox Level

✔️ Easy Import System

Import System is Simple and Automated

CSV Import (Reserve Structure)

 TXT Import (Email Detection)

Up to 50K Emails Per Operation.

✔️ High Accuracy

Multiple Validation Engines

Online Engine (Port 25 not required)

Local Engine (Port 25 required)

No TLD Restrictions

Are You Ready to Validate Your Email Lists?

Download Super Email Validator 100% Free and Enjoy!

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Why validate emails?

Email Marketing today is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to boost up your online presence and get more customers.

And Email Marketing simply is sending emails to get more visitors, awareness, and conversions. OK! what is email validation???

Simply, when you send an Email Marketing campaign, one of the main factors that determine if your emails will lank inbox or spam, is your sending reputation. and one of the main factors that make up your reputation is Bounce Rate.

What is the Bounce Rate?

As I mentioned in my Technical Email Marketing guide, Bounce rates and bounce handling is a critical point to take care if you want to run a professional and successful email marketing campaigns.

What is a Bounced Email?

Simply, when you send an email to someone, and it’s not delivered to any reason, it will bounce back. So it’s called a bounced email.

Why Emails Bounce?

The Main Reason for is when the target recipient’s email is not available or doesn’t exist. Sometimes the target email is temporarily down, so you get a Soft Bounce, and if it doesn’t exist at all, it will be a Hard Bounce.

The main thing that you must know is that Bounce rate will have a significant effect on your email marketing system, because higher bounce rates may get you blacklisted and make your IP and Domain Reputation lower. And this will cause your emails to be marked as spam.

So now we knew the importance of Bounce rate and of sending only to valid emails, here it comes the role of Email Validation Services and Applications.

Super Email Validator will help in cleaning your email lists from any invalid emails and helps you run successful email marketing campaigns.

Learn more in my detailed Super Email Validator Guide.