Today I will share with you a top-secret affiliate marketing strategy used by six-figure affiliate marketers. The best part about this strategy is that it is so straightforward; anyone can apply it without requiring a website, either!

Do you want to know how big affiliate marketers work online? Do you want to know the secret behind six-figure affiliate marketers? This article will tackle how established affiliate marketers work online to reel in big money using a straightforward strategy that requires no website.

Before moving on, I would like to mention that I have already uploaded a video discussing this strategy on my YouTube channel for those who prefer video format.

The strategy!

As I already mentioned, this strategy is so straightforward that anyone can start applying it; and remember, it does not require a website. Applying this strategy, you can start small and slowly work your way up to start making five and six figures monthly and even daily!

There are two steps to the top secret affiliate marketing strategy:

  1. The first step is to find a successful affiliate marketing campaign.
  2. Second, you duplicate the campaign.

By the way, if you are new to affiliate marketing, please feel free to read my article about beginners' best affiliate marketing programs. And again, If you would rather learn by watching videos, I recommend watching my affiliate marketing tutorial playlist.

Step 1: Find a successful campaign

Starting with step one, the idea is to simply find someone who is already running a paid ad campaign.

If you want to know what paid ads are, I suggest watching my video in which I talk about how I made $25 in 24 hours using affiliate marketing and native ads.

Online, you can find many native ad platforms, such as Outbrain, MGID, Revcontent, and many other networks used to run native ads.

The plan is to find people running successful affiliate marketing campaigns through the agency of these networks. And to do that, you can manually search for these campaigns, which is very time-consuming; or you can use an ad-spy tool. Take, for instance, Adplexity.

What is Adplexity?

Adplexity is one of the best ad-spy tools out there. Using Adplexity, you can spy on mobile ads, desktop ads, push ads, native ads, e-commerce, so on and so forth. Adplexity spares you the effort of finding people's campaigns manually as it finds and assorts ad campaigns from most to least popular.

Above, you can see the main interface of Adplexity. In the picture, you can see native ads generating the most traffic when making this video. Because we're talking about affiliate marketing, our primary concern is obviously the affiliate marketing network. Let's take, for example, ClickBank.

top secret affiliate marketing strategy

By selecting ClickBank, Adplexity will show you all the ads that are promoting ClickBank. Adplexity has a smart filter that you can adjust to view ads based on either how long they've been running or based on the amount of traffic they generate. Of course, you can see both the campaigns' lifetime and the number of hits they've generated.

After only one glance, you will notice that certain campaigns are repeated more than once, with minor changes such as the images used. This is, of course, because some people are duplicating the same campaign.


However, you'll also notice that the same campaigns duplicated repeatedly are still reeling in a lot of traffic because, basically, they're successful. Using Adplexity, you can find a successful ad campaign and duplicate it.


Before we move on to step two of the top secret affiliate marketing strategy, I would like to say something. When you work online, especially when you work in affiliate marketing, you will encounter dishonest or misleading products; some people might be marketing morally ambiguous products.

They might be involved in some sketchy scams or worse, human trafficking schemes. A piece of advice, it is important not to lose track of the things that matter more than money, such as honesty, integrity, morality, and most importantly, your humanity.

Morally ambiguous choices might be alluring, but you might end up hurting someone in the process. For these reasons, I recommend that you put the time in to find legitimate products that provide value and ultimately benefit the people who will end up buying them.

top secret affiliate marketing strategy

Step 2: Duplicating a campaign

After choosing a successful ad campaign, the next step is to duplicate it. Adplexity shows you everything you need to know about the ad, such as the analytics, the countries in which the ad is running, the devices on which it's running, and most importantly, the landing pages and used platforms.

Following the landing page link provided, you will see the page on which the article is running. Ultimately you will be able to see the product that this ad campaign is promoting.

You can simply copy the same campaign, making sure to personalize it as much as possible. And as a good practice, you can check the platform used to run the ad campaign to avoid using it yourself. For example, if the person running the campaign uses Revcontent, you can use Mgid or Outbrain to run your version of the same campaign.

One more thing

Another important point that I would like to touch upon in this article is tracking. Whenever you run an ads campaign, it is most important that you keep track of your progress.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep track of the progress of your campaign. Think of it as homework, it's rather tedious and annoying, but it must be done, as it gives you numbers to work with.

You can track your progress using software such as Voluum or Thrivetracker.

To recap

Find a successful ad campaign using Adplexity, sign up for the same affiliate program, and duplicate the same ad campaign on different ad networks.

And remember, tracking your progress is important because it helps you assess your situation and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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