TubeBuddy Review: Based on My 3-Year Experience (2022)

TubeBuddy review

I've been using TubeBuddy for a little over three years now. I originally learned about the tool from a YouTuber I follow who was raving about how much it helped him grow his channel. In this TubeBuddy review, I'll provide my honest opinion based on my experience.

I have been a YouTuber since 2016, and I have over 740,000 subscribers and 32,820,737 views. I'll not say that TubeBuddy is solely responsible for my YouTube growth; I have also tried many other tips to get YouTube subscribers and views.

But TubeBuddy helped me to amp up my YouTube SEO efforts quickly. I have ranked it high in the list of top YouTube keyword tools for 2022.

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a web-based app (also available for Desktop, iOS, and Android) that analyzes YouTube channels.

TubeBuddy YouTube Keyword Tool

The app also provides tools to help you optimize your content, grow your channel and audience, and manage your channel more effectively.

In this review, I will try to cover TubeBuddy's top features and downsides so that you can decide if it's the right tool for you.

Let's start.

TubeBuddy Top Features (2022)

TubeBuddy is jam-packed with features that help me save time and grow my YouTube channel.

These are some of my favorite TubeBuddy features in 2022:

1/ Productivity Tools

2/ Bulk Processing

3/ YouTube Video SEO

4/ Video Channel Promotion

5/ Data & Keyword Research

Let's dive deep into each of these TubeBuddy features.

1/ Productivity Tools

The productivity tools help me to speed up my YouTube workflow in various ways. You may use the full list of options to include videos or playlists to your website with embed codes. YouTube offers limited embedding options, but you can do much with TubeBuddy's advanced video embedding.

Furthermore, you can offer canned responses to your YouTube comments with TubeBuddy's comment moderation tool. This is a great way to save time when responding to comments on YouTube.

Also, TubeBuddy productivity tools include:

  • Canned Responses for custom commenting
  • Card Templates (Easily apply video Cards to new uploads)
  • Chapter Editor (Create and edit video chapters)
  • Comment Formatting (Format your comment on the go)
  • Coppa Center (Quickly identify which videos are for kids)
  • Default Upload Profiles (Use a different set of tags based on your videos)
  • Emoji Picker (Attract your visitor's attraction with emojis)
  • End Screen Templates (Apply video's End Screen Elements to new uploads)
  • Playlist Actions (Organize your playlist based on engagement, subscribers, and more)
  • Quick Links Menu (Navigate through YouTube without clicking multiple times)
  • Quick-Edit Toolbar (Navigate between videos while editing)
  • Scheduled Publish (Schedule unlisted videos to be published)
  • Sunset Videos (Schedule published videos to be unlisted, hidden, or removed)
  • Thumbnail Generator (Easily create thumbnails for your videos)
  • Video Topic Planner (Manage and get ideas for future video topics)

These are just a few of the productivity tools that TubeBuddy provides and many more.

2/ Bulk Processing

TubeBuddy's Bulk Processing tool helps me save time by processing multiple videos simultaneously. This feature can quickly add or remove tags, update titles and descriptions, upload custom thumbnails, and more.

  • Bulk Copy Cards
  • Bulk Copy End Screens
  • Bulk Delete Cards
  • Bulk Delete Comments
  • Bulk Delete End Screens
  • Bulk Find, Replace & Append
  • Bulk Thumbnail Overlays
  • Bulk Update Cards
  • Bulk Update End Screens
  • Demonetization Double-Check

With demonetization double-check; you can easily find videos that don't make money for you. This TubeBuddy feature helps to save time and effort by quickly finding non-monetized videos.

3/ YouTube Video SEO

TubeBuddy provides an in-depth analysis of your YouTube videos so that you can optimize them for better ranking. What I like most about this feature is that you can easily find lucrative keywords to make a video about and run A/B tests.

TubeBuddy Internal Link Tracking

Let me share all the TubeBuddy's SEO features:

  • Auto Translator (Helps you translate your videos into other languages)
  • Best Practice Audit (Ensure you're following the best YouTube practices)
  • Insta-Suggest (See tags suggestions on the go)
  • Keyword Explorer (Find keyword ideas to make a video about)
  • Opportunity Finder (Follow suggestions based on your performance)
  • SEO Studio (Optimize your video's metadata)
  • Search Explorer (Hone the power of YouTube search)
  • Search Positions (See how your videos rank)
  • Search Rank Tracking (Track your videos ranking)
  • Tag Lists (Create and manage tag lists)
  • Tag Rankings (Instantly see where your video ranks in search results)
  • Tag Sorter (Re-order your videos quickly and easily)
  • Tag Translator (Help yourself to translate your tags as well)
  • Video A/B Tests (See what kind of video performs better)
  • View and Copy Video Tags (From any video)

As you can see, you can do a lot with TubeBuddy's video SEO feature. Not only can you optimize your videos for better ranking, but you also find lucrative keywords to make videos about.

4/ Video Channel Promotion

TubeBuddy provides everything you need to promote your YouTube channel. With TubeBuddy's channel promotion features, you can easily do these things:

  • Know what's the best time to upload your videos.
  • Celebrate your channel's successes eloquently.
  • Run contests and more on the YouTube comment section.
  • Easily publish your videos on Facebook.
  • Share your videos on multiple social media networks, including Twitter.
  • In the descriptions of all of your other videos, promote one of yours.
  • Boost new uploads by linking them, adding them to your email, and embedding them anywhere.

TubeBuddy helps boost your affiliate revenue with YouTube videos if you are into affiliate marketing. You can super-promote your money-making videos faster than ever. What else do you want from a YouTube growth tool like TubeBuddy?

5/ Data & Keyword Research

TubeBuddy doesn't stop at offering you video SEO features. It also helps you with data and keyword research to make better videos. From monitoring brand alerts to analyzing advanced analytics, TubeBuddy has got you covered.

TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer for YouTube SEO
TubeBuddy Review for Keyword Explorer
  • Brand Alerts (Monitor your brand)
  • Channel Access (Grant your channel's access to someone else)
  • Channel Backup (Protect yourself by backing up all your videos metadata)
  • Channel Valuation (Know your YouTube channel's worth)
  • Channelytics (Analyze your channel from Starfire)
  • Click Magnet (Get clicks more than ever to make affiliate commissions)
  • Comment Word Cloud (Get to know your fans with beautiful visuals)
  • Competitor Scorecard (See how your channel performs against the competition)
  • Competitor Upload Alerts (See when your competitors upload a video)
  • Demonetization Audit (Save yourself from demonetization)
  • Export Comments (in a CSV file)
  • Health Report (Monitor your channel's overall health)
  • Language Analysis (Know your fans' languages)
  • Retention Analyzer (Analyze how your videos perform at different times)
  • Search Insights (See how people search for your channel)
  • Videolytics (Analyze your channel quickly)

With TubeBuddy features, only the sky is the limit regarding data and keyword research.

TubeBuddy Review: What I Love the Most

I love all the features of TubeBuddy without a doubt. But some of them are more important to me than others. Let me share some of the pros of using TubeBuddy:

1/ Google Chrome extension

TubeBuddy is available as a free and premium Google Chrome extension. It means you can use the tool from your web browser without hassle. You only need a Google account to sign in and use TubeBuddy.

2/ Free-forever plan

TubeBuddy offers a free plan to play with its basic features. Of course, it has some limitations, but you can see the best time to publish videos and pick a winner from your YouTube video comments. Have a look at other plans:

TubeBuddy Pricing
TubeBuddy Review for Pricing

3/ Clean and user-friendly interface

TubeBuddy has a clean and user-friendly interface. The dashboard is well organized and easy to navigate. A beginner can use TubeBuddy without any problem and start optimizing videos seamlessly.

4/ Constantly updated

TubeBuddy is constantly updated with new features and improvements. This shows that the team is committed to making the platform even better.

5/ Run A/B test

TubeBuddy allows you to run A/B tests on your channel to see what works and doesn't. This is a great way to improve the performance of your channel.

6/ Do keyword research

Find topic ideas and do keyword research right from TubeBuddy. This is a great way to find new ideas for your videos and ensure they are properly optimized for YouTube SEO.

What I Don't Like About TubeBuddy (Cons)

Every tool has tons of cons, but TubeBuddy has only one downside. And it is their one-license policy for one account. You can't share your TubeBuddy account with anyone. And you cannot use one account for all your YouTube channels.

You need to buy a new license for each channel.

Other than that, I have no complaints about TubeBuddy. It's an excellent tool, and I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to grow their YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy Review: My Honest Take On the Best YouTube Growth Tool

As I mentioned, TubeBuddy is more than just a YouTube ranking tool. It offers a suite of features that help you with every aspect of YouTube. I personally love TubeBuddy because it makes my work easier and faster.

You don't have to go through the guesswork anymore. TubeBuddy tells you exactly what you need to do to get more views, subscribers, and shares.

You can quickly find profitable keywords to make videos about and track rankings to see if you're progressing.

TubeBuddy also helps you a lot with channel promotion. You can share your videos on social media, run contests, and even post them on Facebook. It also helps you run A/B tests to see what kind of video works best for you.

TubeBuddy has made my YouTube journey so much easier and more fun. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about growing their YouTube channel. So try TubeBuddy today, and let me know how it goes for you.

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