Virtual Box Disk Resizer


Many times when we are working with virtual machines with Virtualbox, we face a problem in which want to Resize Virtual box disk size and increase it if we are running out of space.

The traditional method is to use the Vboxmanage command line tool to accomplish this operation.

But to make things simple and save you time searching for the command line, creating the batch file, testing and so on. I created a small tool that allows you to Resize Virtual box disk with one click.

This tool is a simple interface that uses Vboxmanage command line tool to accomplish this task.

Using the tool

After download, extract the zip it in a location you choose, you will get the following:

Now Open The Tool.

  1. Now simply choose your Virtual disk by clicking on the browse button.
  2. Enter the new size in MB
  3. Click Resize and see the magic.

I hope this tool will help you resize your virtual box disks easily and save you some time.

Having Problems?

We are here to help.

Submit your question in the questions area and we will be with you.

Also if you have any idea for improving the software, we will be very glad to hear from you.