How to Write a Blog Post with AI Fast in 10 Minutes

How to Write a Blog Post with AI

As a busy digital marketer, you might not have the time to sit down and blog every day. And you don't have money to invest in writers as well. No worries, because I'll help you learn how to write a blog post with AI fast in 10 minutes.

And, you can generate high-quality articles with AI if you take a little more time than just 10 minutes. AI blog writing tools and software have become smart enough to help you with the entire process.

You just need to focus on the strategy and the ideas while the AI takes care of the rest. Let me first help you generate an article with AI for free. 

How to Write A Blog Post With AI for Free in 2022

If you don't want to spend your bucks on AI content-generating tools, this video will help you generate a blog post with AI.

All you need is to follow these steps:

Free Ai Content Generator

I've created these AI content creation tools on H-Supertools to help you get started fast. But as you grow, you may want to upgrade to premium AI tools like Jasper, aka Jarvis, for high-quality content.

Top AI Writing Tools That Will Help You Write A Blog Post Fast

Most AI writing tools get help from the GPT-3 technology. And you can use it without buying a premium subscription from software. But then you need to work on many things such as design, research, and more.

GPT-3 Technology on OpenAI

While software companies take GPT-3 to another level with added functionality to streamline your content creation, it's essential to go for the best AI blog post generator to help you with everything.

Let me share some of the top blog writing AI software:

Top AI Writing Tools

Regardless of the AI content creation tool you choose, you need to take control of a high-quality piece of content. AI tools are like cars, and you are their driver. It is you who will drive the car, not the otherwise.

Or else they'll spit out low-quality content.

My favorite is Jasper AI, aka Jarvis, since it offers an all-in-one solution for content creation. From blog posts to social content, Jasper does it all. And it produces the best content as per my experience.

So I'll go with Jasper to generate a blog post with AI in 10 minutes or a little more.

How to Write A Blog Post with Jasper AI Fast (2022)

Jasper is my favorite AI content creation tool because it offers an all-in-one solution. And it's not just an AI blog writer; you can use it for other types of content, such as social media, emails, and more.

To create a blog post with Jasper AI, you need to follow these simple steps:

1/ Buy Jasper AI and Go for Boss Mode

A blog post or an article usually falls under long-form content. And to enjoy it, you need to go for the Boss Mode, which starts at $59 per month. If that sounds a lot to you, calculate the cost of hiring an actual writer.

Do you wonder about the differences between Boss Mode and Starter plan?

Jasper Starter Plan

  • Starts from $29/month for up to 20K words
  • Support For 20+ Languages
  • 50+ AI Templates
  • Up To 5 Users

Jasper Boss Mode

  • Starts from $59/month for up to 50K words
  • Compose & Command Features
  • Google Docs Style Editor
  • Increased templates

And both these Jasper plans come with a 5-day 100% money-back guarantee. It shows the trust that the company has in its AI content product.

2/ Do the Keyword Research and Analyzer SERPs

Keyword research and SERPs analysis are the keys to writing a blog post that'll rank on Google. You can use some of the best keyword research tools to zero in on the right ones. But let me share my top three favorites:

Best Keyword Research Tools

And analyze SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to get the idea of the ranking content for your keyword. Here's how to do it:

  • Enter the primary keyword you want to write about into Google.
  • Analyze top-ranking pages for your keyword.
  • And search for the auto-suggest for those keywords.

By now, you'll have a sense of what content you need to write for your blog post. Now you will become the boss of your AI writing assistant. It's time to rock and roll the content for your blog post.

3/ Run Jasper Recipe for Blog Posts Or Use Blog Post Workflow

Jasper recipes are the pre-configured content workflows you can use to write anything. And it's straightforward to use them. You just need to fill in the fields and start writing with AI.

Write blog post with AI on Jasper

For writing a blog post with AI fast, you have two options on Jasper:

I prefer the latter because of the flexibility it offers. And you can drive your content as you go. Here's how it looks:

Jasper AI Blog Post Workflow

But you can use the blog post recipe to write a blog post with Jasper AI in 10 minutes. It has all the essential content blocks that you need to write an SEO-friendly blog post that'll rank on Google.

Here's how it works:

  • Open the AI blog posts recipe.
  • Run it.
  • And follow along the way.

But you can use the recipes only if you have worked on everything else, such as titles, introduction, sub-headings, and conclusion. Let's jump on them now.

4/ Generate Ideas for Your Blog Post Title

So the first thing is to create a title for your blog post. You need to come up with at least one, and Jasper will write a few for you.

To write a general post title with AI, type in your primary keyword and hit the generate button. Or you can use the CMD+J shortcut on MacBooks and CTRL+J on other machines.

Sharetrough Headline Analyzer

That's it. You'll get a list of ideas in seconds that you can use or tweak to make it more click-worthy. You need to write an attractive headline for your blog post.

You can use these headline analyzers to score for the best title.

After you choose a title for your AI blog post, Jasper will direct you to write an introduction for it.

5/ Write An Introduction Paragraph to Help Jasper Understand Your Writing

You need to write an introduction paragraph to help Jasper AI understand your writing style and more. But if you want to skip this step for fast results, you can use:

Introduction Paragraph With Jasper AI

Enter the title of your blog post into either of these tools. And generate one of three AI-generated paragraphs. You can use it as is or edit it according to your needs. Adding such a paragraph trains Jasper for quality content.

6/ Generate Blog Post Outline With Jasper AI Power Mode

So there are two modes in Jasper Blog Post Editor; Focus Mode (Main ground play for AI content) and Power Mode (Choose the templates library quickly). Here's how to generate an outline for the sub-headings of your blog post:

  • Click on the ‘Power Mode' (folder icon)
  • Choose or search for the ‘Blog Post Outline' template.
  • Enter your title or topic
  • Set your tone of writing
  • And click on the ‘Generate AI Content' button.
Generate Blog Post Outline With Jasper AI Power Mode

Jasper will write three outlines for your blog post in seconds. And you can choose one as is or edit it to make it relevant according to your needs.

7/ Conclude Your AI-Generated Article or Blog Post

I know you have not generated a blog post or article yet! But you need to add a conclusion or summary to drive Jasper as you like. This helps the AI blog generator write a post according to your needs.

Conclude Your AI Generated Article

Here's how to do it:

  • Click on the folder icon, left to the ‘eye icon' to open Power Mode.
  • Look for the Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph template.
  • Write down the main points of your article.
  • Add a call to action and tone of voice (Optional)
  • Generate AI content.

That's just! Jasper will now give you three conclusion paragraphs to choose from. Of course, you should edit everything along the way or at the end.

8/ Let Jasper Compose Content in Seconds

Now that you've generated the entire structure of your blog post, it's time to compose content under each sub-heading. And here's how you do it with Jasper:

  • Click the ‘Compose' button given to the left of your dashboard.
  • Or you can use CMD+J on MacBooks and CTRL+J keys on other computers.
  • Write a few words yourself to keep control over AI content.

And keep asking Jasper to write content for you every time you hit writer's block. Don't worry; it can be daunting at the start, but you'll improve along the way.

And if you don't like the AI content generated by Jasper, you can always ‘rephrase' it or use the Content Improver template.

9/ Feel Free to Add Formatting to Your Post

That's great! Isn't it? You can now write a blog post or article with AI faster than ever. And, of course, you can format it before publishing anywhere.

Add Formatting of Your Articles on Jasper

Jasper supports all basic formatting options like H1-H3 headings, bold, link, image, etc. You can access these options from the bar given above the text editor.

After you're done, you can just copy and paste it all into WordPress or Google Docs editor. And you're good to go.

But wait, there's more. You need to follow four more steps to outshine your content.

10/ Look for Duplicate Content & Use *** to Avoid It

Like any other AI writing software, Jasper may spit out duplicate content. It can unnecessarily repeat things.

What you need to do is look for repetitive content and rewrite it. Or you can also use three asterisks *** to help Jasper forget the previous content you've generated. This way, you can expect the writing tool to produce fresh content.

Also, AI software like Jarvis generates content based on the existing content on the internet. So, you should avoid writing a blog post with AI if your topic is too niche, technical, or literary.

11/ Proofread & Fact-Check Everything

Proofreading is the last and arguably essential step in writing a blog post. This is where you check for errors, misspellings, and typos. You can use Grammarly or Hemingway Editor to help you with this task.

Grammarly for AI

Ensure that your article flows well and that all your points are clear. Verify the content by cross-checking facts and statistics with other sources.

12/ Use Jasper Shortcodes, Shortcuts, and Commands

Let me share some useful Jasper commands, shortcuts, and tips to make your AI blogging experience more efficient.

Remember that Command or ‘CMD' is alternate for the ‘CTRL' button in Windows laptops.

Jasper Shortcuts:

  • Compose: Command + J
  • Run Command: Command + Enter
  • Re-run Command: Command + /
  • Keep Command After Run: Command + Shift + Enter

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Undo: Command + Z
  • Redo: Command + Shift + Z
  • Select All: Command + A
  • Copy: Command + C
  • Cut: Command + X
  • Paste: Command + V
  • Paste Without Formatting: Command + Shift + V
  • Search Window: Command + F

And Styling Shortcuts:

  • Boldface Styling: Command + B
  • Italics Styling: Command + I
  • Underline Styling: Command + U
  • Add/Remove Link: Command + K

And you can also talk to Jasper just like you do with your human writing assistant. Isn't it awesome? You can instruct Jasper to do something about [your topic]. Let me share a few Boss Mode command ideas:

Blog Posts Commands for Jasper

  1. Write four blog post titles based on [topic and keywords].
  2. Make a list of [topic]. (ex. Make a list of auto manufacturers).
  3. Write an introduction for a blog post titled [title] using keywords [keywords].
  4. Rephrase the content above.
  5. Expand on and explain [specific topic/context] in more depth, including the keywords [keywords].

Q&A Commands for Jasper Boss Mode

  • Give me some questions about [topic].
  • Create a list of questions and answers about [topic].
  • Write some FAQs about [blog post topic].
  • Answer the question “[How much protein should I eat per day?]”.

Miscellaneous Command Ideas for Jasper Boss Mode

  • Define [topic]
  • Explain [topic]
  • Write a how-to guide on [topic]
  • List the advantages of [topic]
  • List the disadvantages of [topic]
  • Write a meta description about [topic]
  • Run Content Improver on the content above.
  • Rewrite the above to explain it to a 5th grade.
  • Give me a list of common objections to [topic]
  • Write a value prop for the company described above.
  • Write a listicle outline for [the best ways to lose weight].
  • Give me a list of synonyms/antonyms for the word [word]
  • Write a feature benefit for a feature that does [feature description].

For Summary and Conclusion

  • Summarize what we will cover in this content based on [outline title 1], [outline title 2], [outline title 3], etc.
  • Write a blog conclusion on [OUTLINE_ITEM_1], [OUTLINE_ITEM_2], [OUTLINE_ITEM_3].
  • Write a conclusion about the above content. (Likely to write a conclusion paragraph).

You can use these commands to instruct Jasper to do something fast for you. Memorizing them will help you write a blog post with AI in 10 minutes or less.

13/ Publish on Your Blog Post & Optimize It With RankMath or Yoast

After you're done writing, it's time to hit the publish button and make your content go live. If you're using WordPress, I recommend installing and activating the RankMath SEO plugin.

Once you've installed and activated it, edit your post and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see the RankMath SEO settings area, where you can add a focus keyword and optimize your title and meta description.

Follow the instructions on the WordPress editor's right side to optimize your AI-generated blog post for search engines like Google.

And boom!

You've just created a blog post with an AI writing assistant called Jasper. Of course, you can try other AI writing tools, but Jasper stands above all!


Writing a blog post doesn't have to be daunting and time-consuming. Using an AI writing assistant like Jasper can easily create high-quality content in less time. And here's how to do it:

  • Buy Jasper Boss Mode.
  • Do your keyword research.
  • Run Jasper blog post recipe or workflow.
  • Generate a title for your blog post from the templates.
  • Create an outline for it using the template.
  • Write an introduction and conclusion as well.
  • Start writing content with Compose button or CMD+J
  • Proofread and fact-check along the way.
  • And use Jasper commands and shortcuts for even faster results.

That's just it! What do you think?


Have you used any AI writing tools? What do you think about AI blogging? Let me know in the comments below. Or ask questions about this in the forums.

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