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We are thrilled that you are interested in writing on H-educate blog. We are always on the hunt for people who are willing to enrich our site, but are very selective in who to accept to write for us.

Please review the below points and make sure you feel comfortable with them. If you think you fit for all of them, please fill the form below.

Posts We Accept

If you are already familiar with H-educate family, you know that our main focus is a digital marketing and online business with some technical email marketing topics. Therefore, we publish ORIGINAL articles that discuss these main topics and how they would help people grow their online business.

Articles should cover everything related to what people could use in their online journey: From email marketing to growing audience on different social media platforms, to starting your own blog or website, passing by starting a SAAS business or anything that targets similar topics, you name it. We favor articles that provide real value to our readers. Case studies, how-tos, tutorials, etc… are a joy to us.

Posts We Do Not Accept

We don't publish articles different from the niches stated above.

While we do encourage stating all tips, tools, and techniques you are using, we do not favor advertorial articles.

To avoid conflict of interest, articles should not contain any product that the writer is affiliated with. You may include a single link back to content on your site, which must be relevant to the subject of the post and should not point to the direct URL of your site.

Who Can Publish on Our Blog

If you are from a company content team, then we are very sorry to not accept your blog post. We accept requests from individuals only.

These individuals must present track records of their already published articles.

They should offer unique, original content that offer real value to our readers.

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