Free Keyword Research Ranker for YouTube Tool

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Keyword Research Ranker for YouTube Tool is a small, lightweight program that helps you to find keywords that people are searching for on YouTube.com.

When it comes to YouTube, The main Problem that Creators faces is Simply "Getting More Views and Subscribers"

With Our Free YouTube Keyword Research Ranker Tool, You can simply get a list if Keyword Ideas with search volume & competition data, so you can choose the best keywords to rank on. this means, more views, more subscribers.

Free Youtube Keyword Research tool


Keyword Research

You can search for any Keyword You want, and the application will get up to 300 related keywords with search volume data.

Local Cache

All your searched will be cached locally to give you better user experience and higher performance.

Rank Higher

You will get all the data needed to select the Best Keyword For your content. (Competition, Search Volume)

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What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a core SEO task that involves identifying popular words and phrases people enter into search engines -make in an attempt to figure out what to rank for. Researching keywords gives marketers a better understanding of how high the demand is for certain keywords and how hard it would be to compete for those terms in the organic search results, offering some direction to optimization efforts.

Keyword research isn'tjust about verifying how many searches a particular keyword has — it's also about exploring the many varied ways that people use language to research an idea or topic. As such, researching popular keywords isn't just a big part of search engine optimization, it's also a major element of content marketing as a whole. Why? Because it can help you find ideas for your next blog post, learn more about the needs of your audience, and keep up to date with the lingo of the ever-changing search landscape. Ultimately, by researching the words people type into search engines and using this research to create targeted content, you can drive the right traffic to your site — traffic that is more likely to convert.


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Current Application Version: 1.2

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